Strange circumstances surround presidential assassinations

By Julia Felton

You probably already know that four U.S. presidents were assassinated while in office, and those four presidents were Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy. But there are some strange facts about their assassinations that you might not know.

Abraham Lincoln was the first president to be assassinated while in office. As we all learned in history class, John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln at Ford’s Theater, and the president died a few hours later. However, there were some strange events surrounding the assassination.

At the time of Lincoln’s assassination, John Parker was the president’s body guard. On the night of the assassination, Parker was at Ford’s Theater at first. During an intermission, he left to go to a nearby saloon. Little did he know, John Wilkes Booth was drinking at that same saloon on the same night.

As if it wasn’t strange enough that Lincoln’s body guard was at the same saloon as Booth on the night of the assassination, it gets even more bizarre. The Secret Service did not yet exist, but it would exist soon after Lincoln was killed. Lincoln was killed in April 1865. The Secret Service was officially founded in July of the same year. But that isn’t the shocking part. The most shocking part of this story is Lincoln signed the bill creating the Secret Service the night before his assassination.

James Garfield was the next president assassinated. His murder also had some strange circumstances. Charles Guiteau shot the president because of his anger over being unable to secure a federal position for himself.

The newest technology was used in a desperate attempt to save the president. At the time, Alexander Graham Bell just invented the metal detector, which was used in an attempt to locate the bullet inside of Garfield’s body. Unfortunately, Garfield was lying on a bed with metal framework, causing the metal detector to malfunction, although no one at the time could figure out why they were having such difficulties.

William McKinley was the next unfortunate victim. An anarchist by the name of Leon Czolgosz shot McKinley September 6, 1901. His trial lasted just more than eight hours and, after only about 20 minutes of deliberation, the jury found him guilty.  Just six weeks after McKinley’s death, Czolgosz was executed.

Perhaps the most bizarre part of McKinley’s assassination involved the president’s personal lucky charm. McKinley almost always wore a red carnation on his lapel. While greeting a group of people, he took the carnation off of his lapel and gave it to a young girl. Seconds later, he was shot.

The most recent presidential assassination was that of John F. Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy November 22, 1963.

When Kennedy was shot, he was taken to Parkland Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Approximately 48 hours later, Lee Harvey Oswald was taken to the same hospital after he was shot by Jack Ruby. Oswald was also pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital. Jack Ruby was arrested for the murder of Oswald. While in prison, he got lung cancer and was taken to Parkland Hospital. He also died there.

Each presidential assassination was surrounded with strange circumstances. We all know the basic facts of the assassinations, but these events are clearly more bizarre than they appear at first glance.

Just calm down

By Lydia Grant

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by stress? Do you need to just calm down or help the people around you relax? Well, here’s an A-Z list of fun facts to help you relax.

  • A – Albert is the 54th most popular name in the United States. Crazy stuff right?
  • B – Books will always be better than movies. That’s not an opinion it’s just fact.
  • C – C is a pointless letter because we already have K and S. Seriously. Think about it. Why does C exist?
  • D – Donkeys can live for more than 50 years. What do they do with that time? I think they play poker, mostly.
  • E – Everything will make sense eventually. It’s like reading a book and finally knowing how the title is incorporated.
  • F – “Fire fighting” and “kite flying” were featured at the 1900 Olympics in Paris.
  • G – Giraffe’s have blue tongues, but they can also be purple or black. It’s like they eat popsicles when we aren’t looking. Conspiracy?
  • H – 1,600 people in the United States are named Hippo. 119 have the last name Hippo. Hippo Hippo is a possible name choice. If that doesn’t make your day, then you need to calm down (title reference).
  • I – Internet traffic is cat-related 15 percent of the time. Yes, 15 percent of the internet is cats.
  • J – Jennifer held the most popular girl name in the United States for 14 years. “The Jennifer Era” should have it’s own show on the Discovery Channel.
  • K – Kanye West pretends Kim Kardashian is Kanye West, because Kanye loves Kanye. This is a fact.
  • L – Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt have never won Oscars.
  • M – Mary-Kate had her first kiss before Ashley. The Olsen twins played Michelle Tanner on “Full House” (just to refresh your memory).
  • N – Stephen Hawking hasn’t won a Nobel Prize. Nobel starts with n.
  • O – Was the color orange or the fruit orange named first. Is your mind blown or is it just mine?
  • P – Penguins do indeed, have knees. They can also wear sweaters (which is pretty impressive and adorable).
  • Q – The Queen of England attended a wedding after she was invited as a joke. The couple had no real social status. God save the Queen.
  • R – Marsala Red is the pantone color of the year.
  • S – Snakes are just tails with teeth. It’s been scientifically proven by absolutely no one.
  • T – The North Star’s light that we see is from 400 years ago. So space is kind of like a time machine. I blow minds daily.
  • U – Unicorns are just horses with party hats. That’s a fact.
  • V – Vending machines kill more people than sharks. What a way to go.
  • W – We, as humans, can’t taste water, unlike pigs, dogs etc. Am I the only one who really wants to know what water tastes like? We can only taste the chemicals.
  • X – Xbox One was designed not to clash with television sets.
  • Y – You never stop getting older, you just go and go. No breaks, no warning, just aging. Well, that hit me like a rock.
  • Z – Zebras are white with black stripes. Case closed.

You have become a better person just from reading this. Are you calm yet? You should be.

‘American Beauty/American Psycho’ album review

By Amanda Reilly

Fall Out Boy’s sixth studio album, “American Beauty/American Psycho” was released Jan. 20, and since then, it has become a huge hit with the fans. After the band’s break-up from 2009-2013 and their strong comeback with the album “Save Rock and Roll,” the fans were excited to hear what they came up with. The new album consists of 11 tracks that each contain a different sound.


The first track on the album sets the tone for the whole album. It still has a pop-punk sound, but uniquely features horns. I love this song as a whole, but my favorite part of it is the bridge.

American Beauty/American Psycho

This is the title track for the album and probably my least favorite. It feels out of place compared to the other songs and doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the music on the album.


The third track on the album is one of the most popular songs on the album. It’s heard on top 40 radio multiple times each day and is a powerful anthem that showcases Fall Out Boy’s ability to become a legendary band.

The Kids Aren’t Alright

The fourth track on the album has an incredibly powerful sound. When you listen to this song, it makes you feel accepted and content. This is my favorite of the songs on the album.

Uma Thurman

The fifth track on the album describes Uma Thurman demanding John Travolta to dance with her in the movie “Pulp Fiction.’ One of my favorite parts of this song is the inclusion of “The Munsters” theme song. I also enjoy the second verse and the bridge.

Jet Pack Blues

The sixth track is about how it feels to leave someone you love behind. According to bassist Pete Wentz, “It’s about when we leave town for weeks on end… when you feel so lonely it feels like white hot rage.”


This song is about anger towards people that try to shut you down and tell you how to feel. It’s about the people that try to make you feel nothing or like you’re nothing, just like the drug this song is named after. On their website Wentz wrote, “… let no one tell you your voice doesn’t matter. Wake up. This is our culture.”

Fourth of July

This track is often compared to their song “Miss Missing You” from their last album. I disagree; I think this song has more edge. They make this connection by showing how the line from “Miss Missing You” (“you were my picket fence”) refers to the suburban American fantasy of the perfect white picket fence life and can be related to the American dream celebrated by Independence Day.

Favorite Record

The ninth track is about that favorite record or song that gets replaced by a new favorite. It explains how your past songs are still favorites too. This song falls under the pop genre more than any other on the album.


This song is best associated with the movie “Big Hero 6.” Fall Out Boy was asked to write the song after hearing the plot of the movie. Not only did it fit the movie well, but it also sent the message that even though we won’t be around forever, we can take  a stand and make changes that can live on.

Twin Skeletons (Hotel In NYC)

The final track focuses on a hotel room in New York City. Some think Fall Out Boy is comparing themselves to the room by saying the room will mean something for a while, until people stop renting it out and the hotel is torn down. They get this from the lyrics, “It shares our fate and deserves our pity.” When the song was released Wentz wrote, “… this is a love song to me… we are, at the end of the day, just chemicals, but maybe mine make more sense with yours than anyone else….” This is the song with the most edge.

Overall, I don’t think the album was bad, but I did enjoy some songs more than others. Some don’t like the album because they believe Fall Out Boy is changing their sound and becoming more of a pop band. A lot of bands change their sound, but that doesn’t mean that they will stay that way. If you compare this album to previous ones, it is has the least edge, but I still enjoyed it. Though Fall Out Boy has changed a bit, I don’t think it’s a bad change.   

Time 4 the ‘ultimate’ hunt

By Josh Yancosek

It’s time for the hunt in “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!” Explore vast new terrain. Fight new and returning monsters from previous games. Of course, craft a wide variety of new weapons and armor to up your game.


In the latest installment of the series, you are a hunter, traveling with a caravan, seeking out the origins of a mysterious virus and a piece of treasure called the Article. Along the way, hunters will meet a variety of characters such as the Caravaneer, the Man (blacksmith), the Ace Hunters and a feline partner.

This game introduces many new applications to the hunt. Top among these are the charge blade and the insect glave. The charge blade is a large sword and shield that can switch to ax mode. The insect glave is a staff-like weapons that also controls a bug called a kinsect. The kinsect can collect essence from monsters to boost stats such as attack, defense and speed. Hunters are able to pole vault into the air using the insect glave. Along with this is the ability to mount monsters. Hunters are now able to topple monsters by  completing a sequence in the game.

Players can also join together for hunts via online. This gives a whole new style to hunting. Players either win honor and victory together or taste defeat.

With so many additions, what could be wrong with it? Well, while the 3D setting can give a brilliant scene, it tends to hurt the eyes after a while. With a wide variety of weapon types, it can be hard to learn all of the controls. It can take a while for beginners to learn all the fundamentals of hunting. In addition to this, it can be very frustrating to acquire some hard-to-get materials in the game.

Besides these, this game deserves a 4.5 or 5 out of 5 stars. With a wide assortment of equipment, no play through is the same. Although, one can’t fully grasp it until they have tasted the sweetness of slaying a monster like the Rathalos. It’s time to answer the hunting gong and join the adventure.